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The Parenting Instinct

Is there such thing as a ‘parenting instinct’?

If so…where is it and how do we find it?

And how do we switch it on and make it work?

The Transformative Power of Listening

The intent to listen – to really listen – can weave magic sometimes. Here’s why…

Parenting for a Peaceful World

This keynote presentation (in Victoria, BC, Canada) combines the best of several of my talks.

It begins with practical tips about the transformative Power of Listening, and how to voice your feelings, needs and limits so your children will listen to you.

Then we move to the Big Picture: how the rapidly evolving Parenting and Education Revolution are changing the world. It gets exciting at the end!

Exam Nation

This irreverent and cheeky song is about the stresses – and sometimes even the irrelevance – of modern schooling in Australia, with its fetish for universal standardization, competition and homework-tsunamis.

Check out the 10 tips at the end about how to find your True Vocation(s); in spite of it all!


Experience a deep dive into an adventure created specifically for parents like you… parents who are hearing a call to a different way of being as a way to create the world you want your children to inherit.

Find out more.


Highlights from an exciting event at Bookoccino, Avalon Beach, celebrating the unveiling of my newest book.