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Online Counselling now available, worldwide

Online Counselling now available, worldwide

About_Robin_GrilleRobin Grille – BA (psych), Grad Dip Counselling, Dip Int Psych, MAPS

Personal and Social Evolution – what does this mean for you?

“We never grow in isolation – personal growth is shared”.

My work seeks to restore relationships to their natural flow and balance: that can include your family relationships, your partnerships, workplace relationships, your relationship to yourself – and more besides. We can also enliven your relationship to your vocation, to your community, and to the natural world that surrounds and nourishes you.

Psychological healing spans from the personal to the relational. How do we heal our wounds, how do we mend our relationships, and how do we liberate our true voice: our unique contribution to our world? These levels are inter-connected, so that personal healing enhances our relationships, benefitting all who come into contact with us. In turn, resolving our relationships also brings us healing at a deep, personal level.

Looking beyond ‘happiness’, we all have an encoded capacity for peaks of joy in relationships, a peaceful inner life, and bliss in our work. Our gift is our uniqueness, and sharing this brings us deep fulfilment. This is the bedrock that grants us growth and resilience through our darkest moments.

My counselling and teaching work springs from an awareness that our own healing radiates outwardly; positively impacting our family, community and world.

As you can see, my work is varied:

  • I speak at international conferences, on a range of themes presented in my books.
  • I conduct international trainings for psychotherapists, and for parents.
  • I offer private psychotherapy/counselling/coaching sessions.

To invite me to speak at your event, to join one of my classes or to enquire about private sessions, please use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Across all of my endeavours, this is the vision that sustains me and energises my work:

 “Our own personal and relational healing journey is the greatest driver of a new kind of society: one that is regenerative, peaceful and dynamically inter-connected with our Natural World”.


Robin Grille PsychologistMy Story

I was born in Uruguay to migrant parents. Spanish was my first language, French my second (from attending a French Lycée) and Romanian my third (from my parents).

When I was 10 years old we left a troubled South America behind, and came to Australia. Although this early dislocation was quite challenging, it it’s left me with a lifetime fascination with how our diverse cultures and our childhood experiences shape the way we relate to the world.

After university, I spent many years training in a number of psychotherapy modalities; in particular: group therapy and body-oriented psychotherapy. Psychotherapy continues to be a commitment and passion for me. I’ve been in private practice for 30 years. Besides this: playing music (guitar, banjo, percussion and singing) is my second vocational passion – and I strongly believe in the healing properties of music.

And now…

I love to research and to write about the sciences and knowledge systems that clarify what it is to be human and illuminate our quest for our truest potential. I have written many articles for parents, educators and health professionals; on social evolution and brain science. These have been translated into multiple languages and republished globally. I have written three books: Parenting for a Peaceful WorldHeart to Heart Parenting and Inner Child Journeys. It’s been an ongoing thrill to see them translated into German, French, Serbian, Korean and Chinese – with more translations on their way.

I train therapists in my ‘Inner Child Journeys’ therapeutic method, and I run group supervisions online.

Travelling across Australia and around the world to deliver my keynote addresses, seminars and workshops never gets old. I love meeting diverse international communities of visionaries; people devoted to enriching children’s lives – front-line warriors in the quest for an evolving humanity.

How to find me…

To find out more about my counselling sessions, or to engage me to speak at your school, workplace, festival or conference, contact me. I look forward to answering your questions.

News & Announcements


“SEVEN RITES OF PASSAGE – Developmental Healing, for Developmental Wounds”

When we understand a person’s formative story, truly, deeply – neuro-psychologically! –  we don’t see evil anymore. 

We don’t see illness anymore. 

We see … an arrest to development – often shocking. More importantly, we see the growth-wave that naturally wants to happen. We can ride this wave. 

This brand new course goes hand-in-hand with my training for Inner Child Journey Guides. (but you can take it on its own too). 

More info, bookings: 


“THE ‘I’ THAT IS ‘WE’  “

Having finished a GINORMOUS video project (I’ll tell you about that … soon!) …

I’m back!

I’m ready to start my online courses again – I was missing it. (Been in my cave too long!)

So, to kick it all off: here’s a free talk, online. This material has been brewing and fermenting for me for quite some time, very excited to finally roll it out.

What’s it all about? Click HERE for video:

Bookings/Info: Click HERE for bookings and info




To enquire about counseling sessions, upcoming courses or to book Robin to speak at your event, please use the adjacent Contact Form or call:  

+61 415 840 887