‘Inner Child Journeys – How our Children Grow us up’

I’m happy to announce: my new book is out!

And … it’s magically illustrated by Jon Cooper, amazing artist from Dorset, UK.

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What is the book about?

Deep inside us all there is a source of answers to our most troubling parenting issues. Inner Child Journeys is a user-friendly handbook to help you locate this inner wellspring of natural wisdom.

Inner Child Journeys offers a whole new twist to parentingas a path of personal growth, grounded in solid neuroscientific principles.

Here’s what parenting manuals don’t tell us: if we don’t understand our own childhoods, we cannot understand our children. This ground-breaking book shows how to unlock your natural intuition by tapping your embodied memories. But it is also much more: a guide for transforming your greatest challenges as a parent or teacher into fruitful opportunities for personal healing and growth.

Chock-a-block full of real-life examples, this book puts practical, powerful psychological principles in user-friendly terms – it is easy and fun to read.

Who is this book for?

Besides parents and teachers, therapists will also love this manual and find it an uplifting and powerful therapeutic tool.

Acclaim for Inner Child Journeys

“It’s one of our greatest fears  – that we might pass our hang-ups on to our kids. Robin, in his honest, meticulous way, shows how we can avoid this, how we can plunge into our own murky depths and find treasure, by releasing old hurts so we don’t repeat them.

A breakthrough book, full of surprises, honest, vulnerable and real.”

Steve Biddulph AM,

Author – 10 Things Girls Need Most, Raising Girls, Raising Boys,
Complete Secrets of Happy Children, and The New Manhood

“As a former relationship counsellor, I have found Inner child work to be one of the most profound approaches to client’s wellbeing I know.

As a mother, I found Inner Child Journeys made sense of the confusion, shame, irritation and bewildered helplessness that could sometimes rob me of the joy and wonder of parenthood. 

There are very few books I would assert are essential reading for parents. This is one of them.”

Elly Taylor

Perinatal relationship expert, author and founder of Becoming Us

* Erratum: Notice of Minor Printing Error (this only applies to First print-run). The word ‘Appendix’ is missing from the following locations:           p28, para 5. p29, para 1. p139, last para. p140, para 1. p141, last para. p191, twice in second-last para, and once in last para.  p276, para 3.       I hope that makes sense! Apologies for any confusion caused. For further questions to the author, please use contact link at the bottom.      

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The Appendices

As I promised in the book, click below for your printable copies of the Inner Child Process in its various forms, and the Table of Developmental Needs (use A4 paper size).

Please make sure you read the safety indications and other instructions in the book before using the Process.

And then … enjoy! May your Journeys bring you much healing and growth. 

Click on the links below to open each PDF

Appendix 2 – The Inner Child Process

Appendix 3 – The Inner Child Process (Light) 

Appendix 4 – The Inner Child Process (Super Light)

Appendix 5 – Table of Developmental Needs

Inner Child Workshops and Professional Trainings

Inner Child Journeys is the companion book for my Inner Child workshops for parents and teachers.

I also provide in-depth training for health professionals, psychologists, counsellors and coaches on how to use my Inner Child Process in professional settings, with individual clients or groups.  

To find out more, check out:

‘Inner Child Journeys – for parents and teachers’    and:

‘The Inner Child Process – a Practical Training Course for Practitioners’

both are in my ‘seminars’ page: https://www.robingrille.com/seminars/

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