Parenting for a Peaceful World

– a self-paced, online video course for parents and teachers

I have some exciting news

You know my book: “Parenting for a Peaceful World?”

Now we have re-issued it … as a video-series!

And added much, much more invaluable material.

Made in collaboration with progressive education specialists: “EDiversity” in Hong Kong, this series has a distinctive Chinese touch!

(You can view in English, Cantonese or Mandarin, and choose subtitles.)

Parenting for a Peaceful World Online Video

Film makes information super-easy and enjoyable to digest.

With a total of 108 short, bite-sized videos, the series is incredibly comprehensive – your child’s development all the way from birth right through adolescence.

This skills-based series covers:

  • the most empowering communication skills for your family
  • helping your children open up to you
  • assertiveness for parents and teachers
  • conflict resolution skills
  • optimizing brain development
  • helping your children to manage their Big Emotions
  • helping you to manage your Big Emotions too!
  • Helping your children heal from emotional wounds
Robin Grille - Parenting for a Peaceful World Video Series

Parenting for a Peaceful World, the video series, gives you the most up-to-date, stage-specific child-development information, and it is evidence-based all the way.

Easy-to-navigate modules help you decode the needs of:

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • School-aged children, and:
  • Adolescents

With Bonus Features about:

The magic of Nature as a healer and calmer for your children

Foods that support your child’s emotional wellness, focus and attention

Onscreen time – and how to make it safe

As always, Parenting for a Peaceful World elevates the role of parent or teacher to the most important job in the world.
You’ll learn what a key role you play in helping to create a better society, a more harmonious humanity, and a more peaceful world.

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